29 May 2017

Chinese pork and cabbage dumplings

Since I was here last so much as happened. As is my habit now, I post a few things and then disappear for a few months/years because big life things happen. Between the last post and this one I have moved country, started back at my old school, gotten married and bought a house. Whilst all of this has been happening my love for pork dumplings has remained constant.

Oh pork dumpling. Shall I compare thee to a summers day? Thou art more lovely and temperate.

Bah! Only when you aren't consumed with mountains of chili sauce are you temperate. You are always lovely though.

I missed your deliciousness. 

I really missed you.

Rural England doesn't really do the dumpling. You can find things in the freezer sections of some supermarkets. We had an Asian supermarket in town so worse case we could go there on a Saturday morning. I really missed the pork dumplings from Melbourne. They were soooo good. A food court staple for me the past few years.

Normally they ended up being made myself. I've made my own wrappers, used store bought and you know what? It doesn't matter which one you use. They both taste great. For this batch I went with the store bough wonton wrappers as that's what the local supermarket had. 500g of pork took 2 packets of wrappers.

As we wrapped them I had the jingle 'One ton rodeo' going through my head. It went like this 'won-ton-ellini' My wontons looked like tortellini. I love tortellini.

The basic recipe I got from the ABC website. It's one of the many fabulous things from Poh's Kitchen. I doubled everything and had some left over. The leftover filling became fried meatballs in a soup that evening with the dumplings.

Wontonallini. I gotta wontonalliiiiini. I need a wontonallini.

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