27 June 2016

A long long time ago

in a galaxy far away, I stopped blogging for several years. My deepest apologies!

In a nut shell, teacher training was intense as was the first 4 years. I'm halfway through the 5th year and starting to wonder if this is really what I should be doing. So it's back to blogging!

Life in England is different to back Australia. Small towns don't provided the same opportunities as big cities but the also an advantage to this. I've been able to concentrate more of honing my crafts and focusing on the little things.

Like home grown strawberries.

Strawberries, custard and amaretti biscuits 

I made one of these yesterday with home grown strawberries. Whilst not as sweet as the ones from Sainburys, they were still delicious. Both here was made from scratch, I bought it all. The amaretti biscuits have lasted since last July in the pantry, making them a worthwhile purchase. 
The glass itself is from a tasting session with The Lakes Distillery. We had a taste of their vodka, gin and whiskey. I recommend checking them out if you can find them.