24 April 2008

Powder Puffs

The Chocolate Balls were a hit, though a few people were disappointed that there was no rum in them. You can add grog to them quite nicely, I just didn't have anything suitable at the time.

Monday involved one of the best massages in the world. As a result of this $30 massage I have slept right through the last two nights, only stirring in the early hours to roll over when my body thinks its time to get up when really it just needs a few more hours. To celebrate the joyous massage and to kill sometime before hopping in the car, I went shopping. One of the stores was having a special, spend over $60 on shoes and get a free $60 handbag. So I bought these

My house mate finds the image of me in a bathrobe and these heels whilst cooking breakfast absolutely hilarious. My comment was 'Well, I have to break them in somehow..'

The next challenge is to do something with all the lemons I have lying around the house. I think its time to break out the lemon curd as well as finally learning how to make lemon butter. A few months ago I found a recipe for these things called powder puffs. Little sponge kisses with whipped cream and lemon curd sandwiched between them. That then leaves me with egg whites to use or freeze so maybe some meringues as well. I found the recipe in the Epicure (the F&B guide in The Age on Tuesdays)

You can find the article here

18 April 2008

So, rehearsals officially start on Sunday for the orchestra. Whilst I'm excited about rehearsing at last there is also some worry. I've worked with most of them before so I'm not worried about that. Just the usual, 'This is going to be a disaster' feeling I get before every show.

I think this time I'm going to stick to my usual method of dealing by baking for rehearsal. Currently of the opinion that Chocolate Balls is the best option.

1 cup desiccated coconut
2 -3tbs cocoa powder
1 pack Marie Biscuits
375mls condensed milk (about a can)
Extra coconut for dusting

Essentially combine everything except the extra coconut in a bowl and combine. Then roll into balls, dust with coconut and stick in the fridge until set. I recommend using wet hands to do teh rolling otherwise you will end up covered in the mix.

A variation on this is Apricot balls
replace the cocoa powder with chopped dried apricots.