31 August 2016

Blueberry Muffins

One of my favourite muffins is blueberry. A crunchy top and filled with messy blueberries is all I need to be happy. Well it's all I thought I needed. For those who follow other food blogs you have probably already made your way over to Smitten Kitchen. Deb's food is delicious.


I'm in back to school mode. September 1st means the start of the school year and a new school for me. I'll be teaching at a school about an hours commute away which means leaving the house at 630am and not getting home until 6/630pm. My solution to this is to be uber organise and have enough food with me to cover all meals and snacks except dinner. If I'm even more organised then I'll be able to have breakfast at home before I leave work.

Deb posted these muffins as the perfect blueberry muffin a few days ago. As someone who adores blueberry muffins, I decided to try them out. For once I stuck to the recipe!! The only difference is that I got 10 muffins instead of 9. I could probably have gotten 9 if I bad filled the cups even higher. 

As you can see I got quite sizeable muffins. Getting 9 would have meant slightly higher tops but I am happy with what I got. The recipe is here

03 August 2016

Rosemary chicken salad....with bacon

Last Thursday M and I headed up to Edinburgh for a wedding. Neither of us had ever been to a Scottish wedding before and some parts were definitely different to what we're used too. 

Our main breakfast each day was a choice between a full Scottish breakfast and a continental. Apparently fried bread is a thing in Scotland....wait... Fried everything is a thing in Scotland. Needless to say that we were craving vegetables and salad. Luckily I found this. We had it for dinner this evening and it was delicious. The only thing I would do differently would be to dress the leaves before they hit the plate. 

If you do one thing this weekend it should be to eat this