30 May 2017

Banana Cake with passion fruit icing

Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake

I lurve the cake

It's so delicious. Tender crumbs on the inside and icing to contrast and compliment on the outside. I did not get to be the size I am today without a love of cake. True fact. 

My classy amateur photos today were brought to you by my phone. 

Last weekend there were uber ripe bananas. My husband hates to waste and so do I. Luckily the solution was simple. Banana Cake!!!! After trawling the internet and searching the cupboard I decided on using the Donna Hay One Bowl Banana Cake recipe. The only adaptation I did was to not put the cinnamon in. 

I had some issues with the baking. When the oven is on fan forced, it is really enthusiastic. I'm talking seriously enthusiastic. The recipe said 45 minutes. I checked it after 20 minutes and it was pretty much done. Some small crumbs on the skewer so it was put back in for another 10 minutes with the fan on but heat off. Possibly not the best idea as the sides burnt a little. 

Nothing a little passion fruit icing couldn't fix.

It was delicious 

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