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10 November 2008

Christmas Lunch

So, I possibly did a stupid thing about an hour ago. I sent a massed email to a large group of friends advertising Christmas lunch at my place in a few weeks.

Why you ask?

For the last few years, a few friends have had a Christmas do. One group does a brunch, another spends the entire day together cooking and then we eat everything, and a third just doesn't do anything. As I'm working most weekends in December, and the one weekend I have off is filled with gigs, I decided to host my own.

Its going to be a very casual affair, eating outside (if the weather permits) byo lawn chair, as we have 4 chairs in the entire house, and everyone brings a plate to share. I'm not cooking for hoards in my little oven.

So its going to be a paper and plastic affair, there may even be a picnic rug spread out for some to sit on. Now to decide on what I'm going to bring.....

Damn, now I'm really going to have to clean the house properly!!


Tartelette said...

Hi there!
I just read your comment on my blog about the cake legs for the Opera from last May. There is a link to the post from that DB challenge where I made the leg out of tulip paste

Kitty said...

christmas lunch with friends so devine. I have little clusters of friends - one here, one there, two behind the couch. and they don't get on. at all. so big gatherings are out for me. i'd love to have a big group to cook serious amounts of food for.

Ruth said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. I am sorry you didnt get them I am totally resending. Damn customs grr