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29 May 2010

LIfe changing events

The last week has been seriously awful. It started with my giving an appalling talk and then handing in an equally appalling essay and it got worse from there until Thursday.

On Thursday I was offered a job that I hadn't even applied for. Someone asked me to come and bake the cakes at their cafe. If it worked out then I would leave my science career behind and start working 3 days a week in a cafe as baker and general kitchen hand. It would mean quitting my current job and picking up some extra shifts during the semester in the first year labs at uni.

The pros are:
- no more evening shift work.
- I'd be doing something I enjoy
- All work is during the day
- Lots of extra skills being learnt

- Huuge pay cut
- having to work every weekend
- possibly not having enough time to work on my honours project

I am also scared silly about screwing up and not being as good as they think I am.

That being said I think I'm going to take it.

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