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26 July 2009

happy things from last night's christmas in july

having a "who fits into my tuba case best" competition

the lamb being oh so rare and just cooked
hanging with friends all day, both new and old

evil chocolate mousse (taken directly from a gchat with satan herself

250g chocolate
500ml cream
1 egg
2Tb golden syrup
2 Tb butter
add the egg butter golden syrup and half the cream to a saucepan whisk while heating and continue to whisk for a couple of minutes after the butter has melted
remove from heat add teh broken up chocolate misx til smooth
evil: while that is cooling to room temp beat the rest of the cream til it is stiff peaks sweeten to taste
oh also vanilla
1/2 a teaspoon
evil: when the chocolatey part is cool to room temp gradually add to the cream (or vice versa it doesnt really matter i have found) and mix gently til all mixed in
stick in fridge for at least 4 hours
eat and enjoy!

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